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Improve your business processes with Andres Biarge.

Digital Transformation Consulting Services

Get consulting and implementation services from Andres:

  • Apps / Automations integrated with your existing systems - Cloud / On-Premises (e.g., SAP, Sage ERP, Dynamics).

  • Mobile Apps with offline support for your front-line workers.

  • Business Intelligence reports integrated with your existing systems.

  • Add AI capabilities to your business processes:

    • Invoice / Receipt processing /custom documents processing.

    • Predictions from your data, object detection, and category classification.

    • Secured "Chat GPT" with your own data.

Example of App build with Microsoft Power Platform.

ERP Software has been dying of a slow death for a long time.

ERP software have lost their great strength: integration and interoperability.


It's impossible to keep up with all the technological and business changes. So, they've been buying companies and software but have failed to integrate them into their systems (e.g. SAP SuccessFactors).


The only real path for your company is to buy the best of breed software / modules for your key processes, and leverage a platform to integrate them, add on top and extend them.


The best platform in the market with interoperability, integration, flexibility, scalability and security at its core value proposition is Microsoft Power Platform

Want to see some examples?

Do you want my help?

I'm here to help you rethink, automate, and digitalize your business processes.

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